Final Video Project

For the Final Video Project Spencer and I created a video on Shoemaker Hall and its ghostly past. Using a Panasonic AC 90 to film the entire video, we used B roll clips to create a realistic showcasing of our story. We filmed our clips inside and outside Shoemaker Hall and included some historic photos … More Final Video Project

Panasonic AC90 Video Camera

Panasonic AC90 Video Camera I am currently enrolled in a class called COMM 240 that focuses on multimedia.  Recently, we have begun working with the Panasonic AC90 video camera.  This camera has many professional features including excellent image quality and an affordable price. Before shooting a video, there are things one must consider including interview … More Panasonic AC90 Video Camera

Marketing to Hispanic Millennials

Excerpt of a previous paper I wrote relating to Hispanic Millennials Hispanic purchasing power has grown to a high $1.5 trillion, exceeding that of all other minority groups ( Because of this, Hispanics, especially millennials, are increasingly important to connect and market too. Hispanic families in America are becoming more culturally diverse as many of … More Marketing to Hispanic Millennials

Personal Assignment

Nad’s for Men Last semester, I took a class entitled MKTG 420.  This class was all about online marketing and taught me essential strategy making skills.  I was given the assignment to create a marketing strategy to bring back or re-promote a “dead product”.  The “dead product” I was assigned was Nad’s for Men.  I … More Personal Assignment


InDesign A new application that I am very excited to continue learning about is InDesign, which is a desktop publishing software created by Adobe Systems.  InDesign allows you to easily create beautiful works of art like brochures, newsletters, magazines, posters and so much more.  In a previous mass communications class, I was able to create … More InDesign

Photo Attribution

What is photo attribution? Uploading photos to a website is common practice and understanding photo attribution is a necessity in web development.  Most work on the internet is covered by copyright law and is important to be aware of.  There are two kinds of photos, photos you did take and photos you did not take. … More Photo Attribution